New long-awaited feature: Hoidonperusteet.fi now available in English

The Hoidonperusteet.fi service was updated in December 2023. Through the update, the service content and user interface are now also available in English, in addition to Finnish and Swedish. At the same time, the usability and accessibility of the service were improved.

The wish for English-language content came from the service users. Content in English makes it easier for professionals to help foreign-language speakers. In the future, all content of the service will be published in three languages.

Using the service will now require logging in
The open use of the Hoidonperusteet.fi service will end at the beginning of 2024. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s funding for the maintenance and development of the service will end at the end of 2023. Hoidonperusteet.fi will become part of DigiFinland’s range of services sold to the wellbeing services counties. From the beginning of 2024, access to the Hoidonperusteet.fi service will only be available to professionals in the counties that have signed an agreement on service usage for 2024.

DigiFinland will offer access right management training for administrators in these regions as part of the standard service. For professional users in wellbeing services counties that have ordered the service, registering in the service is simple and quick and does not require separate access rights from the administrator.

Further information:
Taru Tukiainen
+358 (0)50 340 3811