Data protection

Data Protection Officer

Anssi Virtanen, Data Protection Officer
+358 (0)40 0500 203

Data controller

DigiFinland Oy
Toinen linja 14
FI-00530 Helsinki
Telephone switchboard: +358 (0)29 431 4000

Processing personal data

What information about you is collected and how?

There must be a legally based, intended use to justify the processing of personal data. We need your personal data so that we can provide you with the services that you want to use. In addition, your personal data is used for transactions between you and us and to ensure that we can let you exercise your rights. We use your contact details when we respond to your requests for support or when you ask for someone to contact you. Personal data provided is not processed for any other purpose than the intended use stated.

Your personal data is processed by the people who maintain DigiFinland and by the partners who provide the services as well as their subcontractors, and we have agreed with them that personal data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation.

You have the right to know what data about you we hold and who processes your data. You can check how data about you is collected and, if necessary, you can ask for it to be updated or deleted. You can access your personal data stored in services by sending a request for data to

We update this privacy policy regularly so that privacy notices are kept up to date.

Marketing communications

We improve our services and your experience of our website by using cookies. We can improve and develop better services for you and all our users by monitoring and analysing the use of our web pages. On the basis of the results of our activity analysis (what links you click on, what subjects you are interested etc.) we can create and maintain a better visitor experience.

The monitoring of visitors to our web pages does not collect any data that would enable an individual visitor to be identified. General statistical data is collected about the use of our web pages and this is used to develop online services. The data consists of the pages downloaded, the time, the IP address as well as the web browser and operating system.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our web pages so that we can monitor the use of those pages. We use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse the use of our web pages.  Google Analytics places and stores a cookie on your computer. The cookie collects your IP address, among other things, but it is stored in such a way that part of the IP address is deleted. We do not combine the data collected with other personal data. Analysis and processing are based on concealing the individual’s data, and, with the exception of the IP address, the individual cannot be identified on the basis of the cookie.

The data collected by the cookie is used to improve the user experience of the internet pages and to produce statistical data. Data from cookies help us to improve the functionality of our web pages and their content, because cookies enable us to monitor popular links, content and the behaviour of users.

The data collected by cookies is not shared with other organisations, nor is the data collected combined with other data. The identification of the data subject is not required for the purpose of data processing.

Accepting cookies is not essential for the functioning of the web pages or for accessing the services we provide, but they do help with browsing the web pages. You can delete or reject cookies, but this may affect the usability of the web pages so that some functions may not work in the way they were intended to. You can manage cookies in your internet browser’s settings.